Dublin Fringe Festival

Double Bill

September 15, 2005





This programme felt like peering into wide-open apartment doors where the inhabitants wanted us to look inside. Youthful exuberance overshadowed substance in both places. Twin sisters Jessica and Megan Kennedy contorted themselves into, well, freaky positions during Circus Freak as a ribbon tying their necks together forced them to stay connected. Then, like an embryonic split, they took off in separate directions, putting on different outfits and personas. The pair stacked themselves on top of each other in the dance's most compelling moments. Although they have guts and ingenuity, their choreography is still taking shape.

Adaptation of a Meeting never resonated, as both dancers pressed into relationships that most of us would have little patience with in real life. The dance suggests the human body is our most familiar concept of home, but given our anatomy's complexity, more interesting ways exist for expressing that.


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