Dublin Does Matwork


March/April 2006





Although relatively new to Ireland, Pilates has taken off at a handful of studios, and it's popularity is on the rise. Melt, conveniently located in the heart of Dublin's Temple Bar area, is a natural healing center with a second-floor Pilates studio that is popular among locals and visitors alike.

Michelle Magill, the owner of Melt, says adding Pilates classes 10 years ago was a natural fit for the burgeoning healing center. While the clientele was initially drawn to the space for vitamins, herbal rememdies, massages, Reiki and other treatments, core strengthening has become a major interest as well. Pilates mat classes are increasingly popular here, and the studio hopes to expand to equipment-based sessions, too. Clients train with Magill and Rosalind McManus, both of whom studied under Lynne Robinson in London.

The studio atmosphere feels deceptively spa-like, with bamboo, orchids and low lighting filling the space, but the matwork is as hardcore as in the United States or England. If you are planning a visit, be prepared to hear the exercises called out in a singsong Irish accent, and smell the aromas floating from nearby restaurants as you do the Hundred. Visit for more.

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